Pastor   McKenzie   Jones   is   a   native   of   Georgia.   Married   to   Annette   Joyce Jones a native of New York. Pastor   Jones   was   born   in   worth   county   Ga.   Grew   up   in   Atlanta   Ga.   Attended East   Lake   Elementary.   Graduate   from   Terry   Mill   Elementary   and   Gordon High School in Decatur (Now) McNair Middle School. He   holds   an   earned   Associate   of   Arts   degree   in   Biblical   Studies   from   Carver Bible   College.   A   Bachelor   of   Arts   degree   in   Biblical   Studies   with   a   minor concentration   in   Ministry   from   Luther   Rice   College.   A   Master   of   Arts   degree in    Leadership,    Master    of    Arts    degree    in    Biblical    Counseling,    Master    of Divinity   in   ministry   from   Luther   Rice   University   and   a   Doctor   of   Ministry from Luther Rice Seminary. He   gave   his   life   to   Jesus   Christ   at   the   age   of   eight   (8).   The   Lord   God   called   him   into   the   Gospel   Ministry   at   the age   of   twenty   four   (24).   He   was   license   and   ordained   at   the   age   of   twenty   five   (25).   He   has   served   in   various Churches   as   youth,   assistant   and   associate   pastor.   He   has   pastored   (Zoe   Baptist   Church)   since   1995   to   the present.  Located in the city of Conley Ga, and County of DeKalb. He   is   retired   from   the   DeKalb   County   Public   Works   (Roads   &   Drainage   Division).   Where   he   held   the   position   as Chief Construction Inspector.
Dr. McKenzie Jones - Senior Pastor